Black Tea OP 1kg Organic

Black Tea OP 1kg Organic

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Product Specification Sheet

Product Code P966
Common Name

Black Tea

Botanical Name Camellia sinensis var. sinensis
Product Type Black Tea
Origin China
Grade Organic
Description Cut, dried Camellia sinensis tea leaves
Appearance Black tea leaves
Packaging 1kg
Organic Certification Certified Organic by KIWA BCS Oko Garantie GmbH according to
Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007
Halaal Certification Halaal Foundation of South Africa
Kosher Certification Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Afrca - Beth Din
Treatment Declaration This product has been heat treated
Irradiation Declaration This product has not been Irradiated
GMO Declaration This product is GMO-Free
Allergen Status Does not contain any allergens; stored carefully and separate from the following allergens; Spices, Herbs, Fruit, Flowers and Tea.
Storage & Shelf Life 5 Years recommendation from production date.