About Us

Our Story

Coetzee & Coetzee is a family owned and managed company established in 1996 and located close to Cape Town, South Africa. Our roots lay within the South African rooibos industry, but now have footprints in most South African, Namibian, Lesotho, and Ugandan botanical industries.

We mainly source and supply natural and authentic organic certified products within the medicinal plant, herb and tea industries. Agricultural supply chain development is our core focus and we pride ourselves on our ability to Develop and Build Difficult Agricultural Supply Chains. These include but are not limited to Rooibos, Honeybush, Liquorice, Rosehip, Vanilla, Chia, Devil’s Claw and Dried Citrus.

We believe in ethical and equitable collaboration with our various partners and sustainable development of our supply chains, by making them robust and resilient.

Our Mission

We strive to have a positive impact on our suppliers and customer's lives. Our work ethic, innovation and vision for developing organic African products motivates us to improve the lives of the people we are involved with.