Product Specifications

Below you can find the specifications to each of our products. This only includes the packaging for the largest size of each SKU. Should you require any custom items or a change in the layout, please feel free to contact us.


Chamomile Flower Organic

Chamomile Flower Pollen Organic
Hibiscus Flower Cut Organic
Hibiscus Flower Fine1 Organic
Hibiscus Powder Organic
Hops Strobiles Cut Conventional
Lavender Flower Blue Organic
Marigold/Calendula Petals Organic


Coconut Fine1 Organic
Coconut Flakes Organic
Lemon Peel Coarse Organic
Lemon Peel Fine1 Organic
Lemon Peel Fine2 Organic
Lemon Peel Powder Organic
Lemon Segments Organic
Orange Peel Coarse Organic
Orange Peel Fine1 Organic
Orange Peel Fine2 Organic
Orange Peel Pieces Organic
Orange Peel Powder Organic
Orange Segments Organic
Orange Peel SF Organic
Rosehip Oil Organic
Rosehip Powder Organic
Rosehip Shell & Seed Mix Organic
Rosehip Shell Organic
Rosehip Shell Coarse Organic
Rosehip Shell Fine1 Organic


Aloe Ferox Crystal Powder Conventional
Aloe Ferox Leave Pieces Organic
Buchu Leaves Organic
Lemon Balm Fine2 Organic
Lemongrass Fine1 Organic
Milk Thistle Herb Cut Conventional
Moringa Oelifera Pwd Organic
Nettle Leaves Fine1 Organic
Peppermint Fine2 Organic
Rosemary Coarse Organic
Senna Fine1 Organic
Spearmint Fine1 Organic
Sutherlandia Fine2 Conventional
Thyme Rubbed Coarse Organic


Burdock Root Fine Conventional
Devils Claw Coarse Conventional
Devils Claw Coarse Organic
Devils Claw Fine1 Conventional
Devils Claw Fine1 Organic
Devils Claw Powder Conventional
Devils Claw Powder Organic
Devils Claw Zeheri Slices Conventional
Devils Claw Zeheri Slices Organic
Devils Claw X-Coarse Conventional
Devils Claw X-Coarse Organic
Liquorice Coarse Organic
Liquorice Milled Coarse Organic
Liquorice Fine1 Organic
Liquorice Milled Fine1 Organic
Liquorice Powder Organic
Liquorice X-Coarse Organic
Liquorice Milled X-Coarse Organic
Pelargonium Root Cut EC Conventional
Pelargonium Root Cut LE Conventional


Aniseed Organic
Cadamom Pods Fine2 Organic
Cardamom Pods G2 Organic
Cardamom Pods Powder Organic
Chilli Crushed Conventional
Chilli Powder Organic
Cinnamon Fine1 Organic
Cinnamon Powder Organic
Cinnamon Quils C4 Organic
Cloves Coarse Organic
Cloves Fine1 Organic
Cloves Powder Organic
Cloves Whole Organic
Corriander Seed Organic
Garlic Powder Organic
Ginger Fine1 Organic
Ginger Powder Organic
Mustard Seed Brown Organic
Mustard Seed Yellow Organic
Pepper Black Coarse Organic
Pepper Black Fine1 Organic
Pepper Black Powder Organic
Pepper Black Whole Organic
Tumeric Powder Organic
Vanilla Organic
Vanilla Powder Organic


Assam Black CTC BP Organic
Assam Black Golden Delight Conventional
Assam Black TGFOP Organic
Black Tea OP Organic
Green Rooibos Long Cut Conventional
Green Rooibos Long Cut Organic
Green Rooibos Short Cut Conventional
Green Rooibos Short Cut Organic
Green Tea Fannings Conventional
Green Tea Fannings Organic
Honeybush Intermedia Coarse Organic
Honeybush Intermedia Fine1 Organic
Honeybush Longifolia Coarse Organic
Honeybush Longifolia Fine1 Organic
Honeybush Subternata Coarse Organic
Honeybush Subternata Fine1 Organic
Rooibos Long-Cut Conventional
Rooibos Long-Cut Organic
Rooibos Short-Cut Conventional
Rooibos Short-Cut Organic
Rooibos SuperFine Conventional
Rooibos SuperFine Organic
Sencha Tea Organic

Packaged Products

CL Greenbosch Organic
CL Honeybush Organic
CL Rooibos Organic
QI Afternoon Tea Organic
QI Detox Tea Organic
QI Digestif Tea Organic
QI Earl Grey Organic
QI Green Tea & Ginkgo Organic
QI Green Tea & Lemon Organic
QI Green Tea & Mint Organic
QI Green Tea Organic
QI Green Tea Ginseng Matcha Organic
Rossoccino Premium Espresso Conventional
Rossoccino Lungo Espresso Conventional